If this then that online service turns Evernote into a central repository of knowledge

You can create Evernote notes automatically and make it a central repository of knowledge and integration for all of your applications.

Using the genius of If This Then That, you can choose certain triggers that send notes directly to Evernote. For example, you can set up RSS feeds that create a new note every time a new item appears in the feed, or you can set up a trigger that fires every time a new tweet matches a given search query.

 If this then that (IFTTT) is a free online service that allows you setup tasks that will occur when another specified task occurs.  If the weather for your area reports that it is going to rain you could setup an if this then that recipe to send a text message to your Evernote account  to pack an umbrella.

If This Then That integrates Evernote with  popular online services including Craigslist, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox,  Flickr, Foursquare, and many more. 

The nice thing is many people have already programmed “Recipes”  To do tasks with most of the popular online services  so you don’t have to even know how to program.

Its as simple as pointing and clicking and following directions to have IFTTT send stuff you use to your Evernote.  


This makes you smart, efficient and effective  not lazy!


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